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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  November 22, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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ignoring the pleas from the defense attorney to wait. and it only took a few minutes to be read. the foreperson said guilty to each of the two felony murder counts watch deeky was facing and some of the jurors wiped away tears as the judge thanked them for their service. susan levy, chandra's mother, glade at guandique looking for his reaction. >> i watched when the verdict was being read. you were looking at guandique. >> yes, yes. >> and tell me what you were thinking? >> reporter: don't know. i'm sorry. >> reporter: late this afternoon with the investigating and prosecuting teams behind him, the u.s. attorney made a statement from the -- in front of the courthouse. >> it's been nearly 10 years since the life was lost in rock creek park. and while today's verdict does not restore that promise, today's verdict sends a message that it's never too late for a murder to be held accountable
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for his crime and it's never too late for justice to be served. >> in my opinion and time, there is no better team. no better detectives, no more carrying a prosecutor and no more dynamic of a team that has put tremendous amount of effort into the case and so, i really want to, again, offer my sep seerest condolences to the family. >> reporter: guandique was serving a 10-year sentence for attacking two other women in rock creek park when d.c. police came crawling again and the illegal immigrant had been investigated once and ruled out. the police wanted to take another look. this time, detectives found an inmate who said watch deeky confessed the crime to him while the two were locked up in 2006 and armando morales testified in court telling the jury that guandique was afraid of being labeled a rapist and wanted advice how to protect themselves from -- himself from fellow gang members who looked
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down on rapist. he said he killed chandra leavy by accident and didn't rape her. keep in mind that watch deeky is serving that 10-year 7 eyewitness guandique serving the 10-year sentence and has two more years to go. and when he's sentenced february 11th for the murder of chandra levy, there is a mandatory minimum of 30 years and the judge has thing on to go to life without the possibility of release. >> we'll look for more of your thoughts on the block. and chandra leaf's mother went to the courtroom and as you saw this afternoon. she talked to reporters about the verdict. fox 5s karen gray houston has more on that part of the story now. >> reporter: this has been a long, painful ordeal for susan levy. she and her husband robert fought for years for justice in this case and that may have prevailed. chandra's mother said for her that is not the final chapter.
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there is a sense of sadness. everyone, awful us in america, need to wake up and stop the violence because that would make a difference. levy and her husband robert have been on a crusade since their daughter went missing and that has been nine years. the police investigation focused at first on then congressman gary condit who refused to comment on a possible extra marital affair with her. chronicled in a book called finding chandra and call it bittersweet. susan levy is not sure she's found a sense of peace. >> the results of the verdict may be guilty but i have a life sentence of a lost limb missing from the family tree and that is painful. i live with it every day. >> it's sad, there ain't no closure for me and there won't
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be. they will grieve with about this forever. joe susan levy asked the media to give the family time and space into the holidays and said what they're looking for now, brian, is a new sense of normal. >> all right, karen. today's verdict ended the on deal for jurors who listened to weeks of sometimes grueling testimony and had a tough decision to make. roby chavez is live in d.c. superior court with more on what they had to say about reaching that verdict. >> reporter: jurors delivered justice and it was a emotional day for them and many were upset and saw two of them wiping the tears. the judge thanked them and commended them on extra ordinary service. air months of service, jurors walked out of the courthouse relieved and it took them 3 1/2 days of deliberations. as a group, they decided not to speak about how they got to
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their decision and how the evidence impacted that and they said sitting in that room they went over mounds of evidence and it was not a job coming easy. >> you're dealing with somebody's life and that is -- and i don't take that lightly but very, very seriously and i am confident with the decision we made and that doesn't mean that i don't, you know, wish that we didn't have to be here today. we went through it and in a very deliberate manner. and we went through the law very deliberately to make sure we were satisfying. requirements that each law had. >> reporter: we should sigh three of the jurors decided to speak today and they told us that they did have enough evidence to come to this guilty verdict and they also say that they were dutched byd emotional testimony of the past guandique
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victims. >> and that may not have come up today, but i wonder if the reaction of ingmar juan deek throwing his headphones out and storming out of the courtroom, maybe the jurors felt that solidified their decision. >> reporter: they were very clear today about this decision. some were women and you would think that they might have been swayed by some of the evidence in this case, but they stuck to the law and kept their emotions out of this and stuck to the evidence and how that pertained to the law. i am not sure how it would have impacted them, they didn't talk about it as he stormed out of the courtroom and they were clearly trying to stick to the evidence and the law. >> yeah. and maybe a question for another time. on the surface, the case seemed tough to prove and prosecutor his no witnesses or dna evidence and no murder weapon linking guandique to chandra levy. instead, they pin their hopes on former cell mate armando morales who testified that guandique confessed to him he
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killed levy during a botched robbery tap. without hard evidence, prosecutors tried to establish a pattern of behavior for guandique. he attacked two women in rock croak park around the time chandra levy disappeared and said he struck from behind while they jogged on isolated trails and ran away after each woman fought him off. one of the dramatic moment of the trial came when former congressman gary condit took the stand. he was romantically linked to levy and initially considered a prime suspect. the police later cleared him of wrong doing but the defense lawyers tried to get him to admit he had an affair with her on the stand and he refused. we're getting a lot of reaction on to the verdict on line. one person said guandique knew it was coming, a matter of time and now it's time for him to pay for his crimes. a lot of folks, though, think the jury got this wrong. here's what one had to say. i'm not a conspiracy theorist, but with nothing other than circumstantial evidence, the verdict smells. we want to know what you think?
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do you agree with the jury's verdict. sound off on we have a link where you can leave your comments on the front of the home page. still ahead here, the ts april horaceor stories are -- the tsa horror stories are starting to surface. >> i'm in the room with the windows, our, two men i don't know. my underwear dropped to the floor. >> hearing from a cancer survivor who was humiliated in the name of safety. 
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>> the obama administration is indicating in it may be with willing to ease passenger screening procedures at the nation's airports. don't expect it to happen before thanksgiving. the move comes amid rising complaints the screenings are too invasive. the travelers opting out of the full body scans are subjected to the enhanced pat downs. >> it's being done. in minimally invasive a way.
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given the risk. >> the government is listening to concerns and will make adjustments when able and congress plans to hold hearing on the issue. videos like this adding fuel to the fire. shows a tsa patting down a shirtless 9-year-old boy. the park shot the video said the boy appeared to be shy and couldn't keep his arms raised for a pat down and the father ripped the boy's shirt off out of frustration to speed up the search. the tsa said the boy was patted down because he set off the metal detector. and a gladder cancer survivor said he was humiliated. after the seal broke on his urostomy bag and europe spilled on him. the 61-year-old said tsa agents asked him to step to the side to be patted down and asked for it to be done in a more discrete place and they took him to the separate room. the agent was so rough, he caused the back to break. >> of so embarrassed.
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and petrified of going into the airport thinking people would see me and quote, unquote, smell me, which i knew that, you know, no, i didn't know. was mortified. >> he didn't have enough time to change his colleagues or he would have missed his flight. he had to board in his urine- soaked shirt and pants. a local county gearing up for a budget battle. >> we're going to take some steps forward, i think. >> why some leaders say bloated fenny -- benefits will have to shrink. and it's a list that comes out every year. sadly, d.c. seems to make it. find out where the city ranks this time among the most dangerous cities in the nation. if you're flying for the holiday, pack a pair of these. a colorado man said he created underwear to help you keep your dignity in tact containing a powdered metal. the inventor said it will protect your privacy during
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medical or security screening and figures a -- features a fig leaf for guys and clasped hands for women.
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>> one of maryland's richest counties facing line times -- lean times ahead. sobering news for the county and some county officials warn that next year is not getting better. sherri ly has more. >> reporter: brian, next year's budget is expected to increase .1 of 1% and that leads a -- leaves a projected shortfall of $200 million. a new report on the county budget problem shows the rising costs of pensions, benefits and debt created a long-term challenge that threatens the county's finances and council leaders warn that something has to give. from the streets of downtown silver spring to rockville and
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in between, people in montgomery county feel financially squeezed. some council members say they have gotten the message. >> we're feeling the pink at home in -- pinch at home in our own budgets and expect you to do your job as elected leaders to do the same for the county budget. >> reporter: the last few years, the county trimmed the fat looking at every penny and turning off the lights. the meat of the budget is the only thing left, 82% of all tax- supported spending goes to employee salaries and benefits. >> the cost per employee has grown dramatically and that is where we will focus. >> reporter: public employee union like those with firefighters, police and county workers have had great influence and benefits. >> cut salaries, you know, whatever it is that it takes. keep it going. >> reporter: a report by the office of legislative oversight
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shows on top of salary, the county employees earn an average of 52% more in benefits. >> we're going to take some bold steps forward, i think. >> reporter: in irvine, silver spring district, people have complained about service cuts. >> our neighborhood has had a bit of a crime wave. okay, somewhere in 20 nineteen, '10, thefts and break-ins. >> uh-huh. >> and i don't know if that is related to not enough policing? >> reporter: schools make up half of the county's budget and must increase spending by $87.4 million leaving less for other services. >> there is a lot at stake and i don't think that anything is going to be easy. >> and there is no more to fill the holes. >> the couple gets's full look and detailing the budget mess and next month, part two of the report will lay out the others and everything is on the table
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and that includes pay and benefit cuts. 20 years ago, d.c. was known as the murder capitol of the world. and each year, it ranks the country's most dangerous cities. the district ranked 22nd and fourth on the list with cities of more than a half million people and st. louis is ranked number one and cq based its findings on data from the fbi. an up-and-down week. going to get warm and then -- . >> yeah. >> warm it up with rain. >> one more day of warm weather and that is tomorrow. >> okay. >> and i am glad it's not the big weather day and around here, we were talking about a news warm -- nice warm-up and a foggy start and that affected temperatures in the district. what about fog tomorrow morning? not as widethere
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could be some patchy fog. there is a lot going towards the chicago area and look at the tornado watchboxes and this is that cool front and they're worried that these are going to be rotating and this is a cold front that is heading in our direction. by the time it crosses, it's running out of gas and that is happening tomorrow afternoon and we're not expecting thunderstorms or any of the severe weather and if you know anyone heading to o'hare or milwaukee, there are delays. a few clouds for us and we want to start with you the weather headlines and tomorrow is warmer than today was, upper 60s and some of you will touch 70 and that could be a bit of a shower left over and that is not going to be a big deal when it comes through here. wednesday for travelling, good for the east coast. we're excited about that. far northwest and the midwest, a couple of issues and looking
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good for travel and we're trending colder, in particular after thanksgiving when another strong front comes through thanksgiving night and drops temperatures into the low 50s. this is your planner and certainly the big three days. wednesday, 52 degrees and a lot of sunshine. for thanksgiving, that is a little bit of a challenge temperaturewise and that could be warmer than this, believe it or not and that is good news wrapped with good news and there are a few showers on thanksgiving day. a front is coming through and for black friday, that is another important day and 51 degrees, that is when the colder air gets in here and there will be showers around. around here, check out the high temperature and 61 degrees, not bad. would have been warmer had we not had the fog and dulles, 63; bwi martial, 65 degrees and a look at temperatures in the 50s, comfortable and 57 degrees for frederick; 58 in the district; 56 for baltimore and
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annapolis and 59 for leonardtown and the wider view to show you we have had some warm temperatures to the south in the 70s and dropping off quickly because temperatures, the sun is down obviously a lot earlier in standard time. and tonight, just some clouds around, patchy fog and not as bad as this morning. comfortable temperaturewise. warmer with some clouds around and thicken in the afternoon and could have a shower. the tradeoff is 68 degrees and that is what -- going to feel great. we talked about wednesday, thursday and friday, saturday looks chilly at 54 degrees and we think we're going to have our first freeze at reagan national, saturday or sunday night. believe it or not, hasn't touched 32 degrees there and we're going to be close. >> thank you, sue. sure. the skins survive another overtime. i changed the kicker's name to ga no idea, i got almost cut
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yesterday. >> and that is not bad. he's on the team for good until he misses another one and was the hero in the end and is healthy, more than we can say for half the team. an injury update and why they may try to sign doc walker to a contract coming up. did you hear about the new jersey pastor who urged the congregation to get off facebook because it's ruining marriages? and now he's admitting to a threesome. the pastor said it happened 10 years ago. apparently you don't need facebook to get into trouble and apologized to his flock and will step down if they decide they would like him to. plset/g
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>> hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman live at redskins park. the team is celebrating a 1916 overtime win over the titans. a win that improves them to 5- 5. 500 on the season. remember, they won four games
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and that is all of the last year. there is a price, the team is banged up. half the team is banged up and they continue to play. the bad news. one of the seven injured redskins, anderson russell placed on injured reserve with an acl injury. he will be re-evaluated on wednesday and then there is linebacker rocky mcintosh also forced to leave the game with a sore groin. the injury bug is a worse-case scenario and something that is not catching the head coach by surprise. >> we talked to players and talked to them about losing people during the season. it's going to happen and it happens in bunkes and you have to be ready and they're preparing themselves during the week and are one play away from being the starter and you have to prepare yourself as if you're a starter each and every week. >> and the titans didn't get
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away. vince young who is going to be binked anyway, out for the season with that injured thumb and threw the ball 50 times, 376 yards and this touchdown to santana moss, the 30 time this year mcnabb has thrown for over 300 yards. the two-minute drama, the binking is all -- benching is in the rearview mirror,. >> and. >> i feel like i am in the right place. it's a growing process in which, i think, we're all growing together and, you know, i think good things are going to happen quickly around here and, up, the team feels that way and i feel that way and the coaches do. we have to win games like this and i think we continue to put ourselves in a position to do that and they will happen. >> last night, the eagles --
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eagles mosing the giants. the fourth quarter. the eagles trail 17-16 and bobbles the snap and manages to pitch it to mccoy and outraces everybody. and 50 yards for what is that brad childress is out. it had to be farve and childress but it was childress. >> the redskins have them where they want them. back here at 10, the news edge at 11. s
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